Dazzled by shimmer ink.

Kathy Vanderlinden, our VP of Design, has a new favorite ink. Like big time.

Kathy’s become completely dazzled by shimmer ink, and it’s prominently featured in our new graphic collection as a result. Why does she think shimmer ink is the cat’s meow? That’s a dang good question. But don’t worry, I asked her for you. Here’s what she said:

"Why is shimmer so fabulous? There are a lot of reasons. First, the ink is phthalate free and complies with the CPSIA Act of 2008. Second, it provides the same kind of sparkling effect that sugar ink does. But the shimmer ink doesn’t have the potential to flake off the garment like sugar ink can, so it can be used safely on infant products.

It also looks great when it’s put on top of light-colored inks like whites, pinks, yellows and oranges. It adds a really beautiful golden tone to whatever it’s added to. One of may favorite looks."